Issuing and coding systems with sealed security Cartridges for contactless chip cards (ISO14443 Mifare®).


Issuers of prepaid cards demand systems that meet their increased security requirements.
It should be possible to remove cards from the direct access without them being manually taken from the magazines.
Transmac offers a range of encoding and issuing systems that meet these industrial security requirements.
The CIM 5000 and BAT 9000 systems (both presented in the blog post of 5 August 2014) have been successfully implemented in the market. We now present the new units of the KSC-5600, CSC-2800, and KSC-2100 series.

In all of these units, no cards can be taken from the closed magazines. An internal storage device reports the number of cards in the magazine. The magazine itself is locked in the system, thereby preventing the unauthorised removal of the entire magazine. A loss of prepaidcards during transport or maintenance can thus be prevented.

BAT-9000  CIM-5000 series KSC-2800 series CSC-2800 series


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