Card Encoding and Printing System TAM-1000 Series

The system of the TAM-1000 series is conceived for the printing and encoding of thermal coated magnetic cards.

The integrated 3-track magnetic card reader and encoder is also able to write on highly-coercive magnetic strips (2750Oe, 4000Oe)

The Clamshell construction enables safe and simple system maintenance.
Faulty cards or cards that have not been taken out can be retracted and stored within the machine. (Error card capture function)

Fanfold magnetic cards
Card issue and separation
ISO 7810/11 3-track magnetic cards
Reader + encoder
300 Oe, 2750 Oe, 4000 Oe cards
Thermal printer 200 dpi (Direct Thermal)
Compact and robust design
RS232 Interface

Parking systems
Toll systems
Ticket vending machines
Access control systems
Public transportation systems

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