KST-3000 Series Compact Motor Card Reader + Encoder for Magnetic Cards, Chip Cards, and RF Cards.

• Dimensions are only 132 x 85 x 52mm
• 3-Track Magnetic Card Reader  (read-only)
• Chip Card Reader and Encoder  T=0 T=1 read/write.
• Memory Cards (SLE 5542 (4442) 5528 (4428)…)
• 8 Pin IC Pins
• RF Card Reader + Writer ISO 14443A Mifare, UL, 1K, DESFire read + write
• Installable firmware updates
• Support for newer chip cards without changing systems
• Card output on the front or rear (card intake slot)
• RS232 or USB interface
• 24V power supply
• Optional mouthpiece or shutter

Application: Vending Machines, ID Systems

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