KYT-2700 Series card dispenser for packed cards and cards in special sizes.

Cards up to 120mm in length can be dispensed with the KYT-2700 Series card dispenser. This series also processes individual cards packed in plastic film, like e.g. phone cards.
Applications for this device include vending machines for phone cards as well as systems for issuing customer and event cards, cards for ski lifts and gaming systems.

• For issuing film-wrapped cards and special sizes.
• Card Intake Function (optional)
• Tray adjustable to a card length of up to 120mm
• High reliability through simple and robust design
• Easy replenishment and maintenance
• Tray Size 150 (300, 500 Cards) (adjustable by 0.76mm)
• Card thickness adjustable between 0.20 mm and 1.0 mm
• TTL, RS-232C, RS422  Interface

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