Cartes 2013 in Paris

From the 19th to the 21st of November 2013, our new products in the card technology field were presented at the CARTES exhibition in Paris.
The biggest and most important European exhibition in this industry attracted over 20,000 international industry professionals.

We would like to thank each client, who has
made their way to the trade show, for the interesting conversations, projects, and suggestions.

Our new CPS, KCP, and TIM device series garnered notable interest.

CPS Series Card encoder for chip cards, magnetic cards, and RF cards, with an integrated color printer (thermal sublimation printer) for 4-color, double-sided card printing, as well as for thermal rewrite printing for monochrome imprinting, erasing, and reprinting of the same card up to 500 times

KCP Series Card dispensing system for kiosk applications. The KCP series can read and encode magnetic cards, chip cards, and RF cards, retract cards, or eliminate defective cards, and print 300dpi monochrome cards using a thermal rewrite process.

TIM-3000 card dispenser system for tickets and parking systems.
The system processes and separates fanfold/leporello cards. ISO standard 14443 Type A, Mifare 1K, 4K, Ultralight and DesFire tickets can be read and written, defective cards can be eliminated before being dispensed (error card capture function).  The card can be printed with the integrated 200dpi thermal printer.

M-3000 Ticket Issuing Machine with Mifare Contactless and Thermal Printer

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