Card Systems for Applications with High Security Requirements

CIM-5000 and BAT-9000 Series
Value cards, gift cards, and prepaid cards can cause considerable damage if they are lost.
Kiosk systems and shops require secure card dispensers, which safely store charge cards in a steel cassette until they are dispensed and also store returned charge cards in a closed cassette.

The CIM-500 and BAT-9000 series card dispenser and collector offer secure cassettes for storing and dispensing or returning charge cards.

The CIM-5000 card dispenser’s cassettes can only be filled via a CCM-5000 card filler and the cards can only be dispensed via a CIM-5000 series card dispenser. Cards cannot be manually removed from the stacker.
Each cassette has its own electronic ID in order to permanently verify its presence.
In contrast, the BAT-9000 system works with a steel dispenser stacker, which is equipped with a safety lock. Cards can only be filled or removed by the owner of the key, or they must be dispensed via the system. Cards which have been fed in are safely stored in a likewise closed security cassette.

Both systems have reading and encoding units for magnetic, chip, and RF cards. You can contact for more information and data sheets.

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