Card reader for the gaming industry

The use of magnetic and chip card readers in casino systems has markedly increased in the last few years.
The card readers of series KYT-7000 and SCR-28I are used in slot machines, multigame tables, poker tables and other casino products.

The KYT-7300 series is used in many systems which require increased security. The modular system with a variety of options allows the machine to be used reliably and securely in a difficult environment.

  • Magnetic Card Reader
  • Chip Card Reader + Encoder
  • RF-Card Reader and Encoder
  • SAM- Card Reader
  • Metal or Plastic Bezel
  • Optional Card Lock System
  • Optional Shutter
  • TTL, RS232 or USB-Interface
  • T=O T=1 w/o Max32 – Version (special gaming version)
  • RS232 w/o RTS/CTS Handshake
  • EMVCo certified

The SCR28I series is a popular product for many multigame systems. The compact design and the comprehensive SDK allow fast processing and a trouble-free system operation.

  • Magnetic Card Reader
  • Chip Card Reader + Encoder
  • SAM-Card Reader + Encoder
  • Various Bezel available
  • EMVCo certified
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