Card Encoding and Printing System – CPS Series CPS-1000 and CPS-2000 Series

The new encoding and printing system of the CPS-1000 and CPS-2000 series are ideally suited for the personalization of medium-size quantities of cards. The systems are forwarding cards from the card dispenser to the printing and encoding unit and sort them into the opposite removable stacker of the card collecting unit, after the printing and encoding process has been completed.

Since the stackers are individually controllable, various cards, e.g. cards of different values, can be personalized and stored separately.
CPS-1000 with 1 card dispenser and 1 card collector
CPS-2000 with 2 stacker card dispensers and 2 collectors

Reading, encoding and printing of cards

Magnetic cards – 3 tracks reading + writing
HiCo and LoCo encoding

RF cards ISO 14443 A+B – reading + writing  
Mifare Ultralight, Mifare® 1K S50, Mifare® 4K S70       Mifare® DESfire

Chip cards – reading + writing
ISO 7815 T=O, T=1 IC cards

Printing of PVC cards

  • Monochrome thermal sublimation printing
  • Resolution: 200 dpi
  • High-speed printing of up to 1200 cards per hour
  •  Large card loading capacity
  • 0.76 mm: up to 2000 cards (0.22 mm: 6900 cards)
  • 2 or 4 card stackers (removable stackers)
  • Individually controllable stackers
  • Robust and reliable industrial design for the processing of large amounts of cards
  • RS232 Interface or USB Interface
  • Optional shutter
  • Card collection (error card capture function)
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