CSC-2800 series with interchangeable magazine

 with closed security Cartridges that are locked in the system

  • security cartridge for up to 500 cards (0.76 mm; adjustable from 0.76 mm to 1.0 mm)
  • each cartridge has a capacity of 300 or 500 cards (at 0.76 mm).
  • exchangeable cartridge system for quick cartridge exchange
  • sort function for defective cards (error card capture function)
  • reading and writing of contactless chip cards (RF cards) ISO14443, Mifare®
  • RS232 interface

The security cartridge of the CSC-2800 system has its own memory for the serial number of the cartridge as well as the number of cards contained in the cartridge.
The Cartridges themselves are closed and locked in the system. Unauthorised access to the cards is prevented.


  • gift cards
  • value card systems
  • prepaid cards


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