Closed card encoding system CIS-4000

With 2 card dispensers and 2 card collectors as well as a reader and encoder for magnetic cards, chipcards and/or RF cards, the CIS-4000 Series is the ideal system for the daily encoding of medium card volumes.

To make possible a rapid switch between full and empty stackers, the system is equipped with changeable hoppers.

The enclosed version is being used increasingly in the bank sector, as well as for the encoding of client cards, resort, canteen and ID cards.


The OEM Version is used by device and system manufacturers.

  • 3 track magnetic card R+W
  • Chipcard R+W
  • RF card ISO14443 R+W
  • Card dispenser from 400 to 1000 cards
  • Card collector from 400 to 1000 cards
  • Changeable hoppers
  • Routing of faulty cards to storage in a separate box.
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