CDC-1000 Series

Compact card dispenser and card collector
with optional RF reader and encoder

measuring 12 x 13 x 23 cm, the CDC-1000 is the most compact card dispenser and reader on the market. The machine can dispense and collect cards. Collected cards can either be routed to the hopper or collected under the card dispenser.

Optionally, this machine can be equipped with an RF card reader and encoder.

CDC-1000 Series devices are currently being employed in the areas of kiosk systems, weighing & balancing systems and entry checks.

  • 50 card hopper
  • Card issue and collection
  • Routing of cards into the hopper
  • Identification of faulty cards (error card capture function)
  • Routing of faulty cards into a separate box.
  • RF card ISO14443 R+W (ISO 15693 + others optional)
  • LCD display optional
  • RS232 interface or TTL
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